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Category Description  
Alcohol Testing Devices
Alcohol tester and detection devices for public, private, law enforcement, transportation and evidentiary use.  
American Security Safes & Lockboxes
With over 50 years experience in safe manufacturing, AMSEC is the Premier and largest manufacturer of safes in America. AMSEC offers over 400 standard models of safes and multiple custom configurations and options, so we have the right one for you.  
Anti-terrorist and Weapons of Mass Destruction Countermeasures, EOD Equipment
Devices and systems designed to counter the problems of terrorist acts. These products are typical of devices available to Law Enforcement and military in the effort to contain and neutralize weapons and explosives and gas threats. The objects shown are not exclusive but represent a cross-section of available solutions.  
Body Armor / Bullet-Proof Vests / Ballistic Armor
Bullet-proof vests, Ballistic Body Armor and other protective clothing.  
Burning Water
New invention to use ordinary water to enhance the efficiency of burning coal and other fossil fuels. For Full test, see the News articel on this page  
See whats the latest at AmericanSecurity.net  
Explosives, Narcotics, Chemical and Biological Threat Detectors
detection and countermeasures for explosives, narcotics, chemical and biological threats using a varoiety of detection technologies.  
Glass Anti-penetration / Bulletproof Glass
Bulletproofing and anti-projectile solutions.  
Metal Detectors and Magnetometers, landmine detectors
Your first line of defense in the detection of metal content weapons and contraband and small arms as well as industrial metal detection needs in the cosmetics, food, clothing and other areas where the detection of stray metal particles is critical Land Mine detectors, Underground radar imaging devices  
This new category of the old and latest techniques for controlling perimeters, fencing and small to large areas offers a variety or FLIR, microwave IR, VIDEO and other sensor technology to detect intruders and alert responders to the precise locations of the intrusion. Miltary, Police, Public Safety, Plants and facilities worldwide are now able to be controlled and monitored by the use of the latest techniques, including explosion proof detectors. We list the general types of available options, this is by no means an all-inclusive list as each situation is different and requires an analysis and specific design to be effective. Call if you have questions,  
Homeland Security concerns have resulted in many facilities managers inquiring for the choices available in Building, mailroom and Courthouse use, appropriately scaled and effective security access control of persons and carry items. We have accumulated in this section many choices appropriate to this task using X-Ray, and Metal detector technology as well as vapor detectors for explosives. Although this gathereing is by no means the most comprehensive listing available it is generally appropriate as to size and capability to satisfy most requirements short of those desirable in situations such as at airports, high security establishements and critical infrastructure where larger units and with higher throughput are necessary. For convenience and in deperture from our normal practice of not listing prices over $20,000.00 We include all prices in the text. FOR A LIMITED TIME, ALL PRODUCT ORDERS EXCEEDING $1,000. US VALUE TO CONTINENTAL US LOCATIONS ORDERED FROM THIS CATEGORY QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING VIA STANDARD SURFACE TRANSPORT (ie. snail mail, UPS or truck)  
This section is designed to offer a secondary market for used equipment available for resale. ASC Inc. does not warrant any of this equipment and all items are sold as is, where is with all faults disclosed or not disclosed. We will make every effort to inidcate any known information on any of this equipment. All items are available until sold, but may not have been updated to this site so if you are interested please let us know by making an offer. ASC does not generally own these items but is acting only as a clearance broker for the original owner plus a reasonable commission for our efforts. All offers should be made in writing along with any conditions and sent via e-mail at amsec@americansecurity.net; the seller may accept or hold an offer, however all offers to buy are considered non-binding indicatins of interest to buy subject to final agreement between buyer and seller with ASC acting, in all cases as a middle person in behalf of the sellers interests.  
Search and Rescue, First Responder, Fire, Police, and Rescue Equipment
A wide variety or products suitable for use by First Responder, aid, assistance and disaster recovery and Fire, Police, Medical and other agencies and FEMA personnel in dealing with natural, manmade and other traumatic situations and conditions,  
Vehicle Control, Detention and Arrest Systems
A wide variety of terrorist and normal access control and entry/exit prevention of vehicles and trucks. Remote controlled Bollard and surface and in-ground vehicle STOP and detention systems for any potential targeted facility or location where significant vehicle control and remote control activation of vehicle barriers is desirable. In addition we also carry vehicle tire spiking systems, both remote control and road use .NOTE: Prices indicated are for illustration purposes and for a typical basic system as illustrated. Each situation requires an on-site engineering analysis and recommendation for which a flat $2500.00 charge is required in order to compensate for the time effort and analysis required of each potential installation. This amount will be credited against the final purchase price. All prices include analysis, engineering and capability review, the manufacture of the unit and its installation by our installers on your site. It is a complete turnkey price that needs to be calcualted on the basis of the time, effort and construction and installation of the proper equipment at the particular location. We sell and install these sytems worldwide and the vehicle stop systems meet and exceed US State Department and DOD requirements for such systems.  
X-Ray Based Detection Devices
X-ray based systems for examing suspect packages, luggage, persons  

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